Sunday, April 18, 2010

Art for Ashlee's Room

Here's some art I made for Ashlee's room last year. I had these two frames for displaying birth announcement samples that I used to do and thought they would go perfectly in her room.

All I did was print off bird silhouettes that were part of a free font download to the right size for the frames. Then I meticulously cut them out with scissors (the skinny little legs and feet were the hard part), found some cool paper in the scrapbook section of Michael's, and mounted the birds on top. Sooooo easy!

I found these shadowboxes on clearance at Target a good 6 or 7 years ago. I think they were only $3 a piece. The sand dollar and star fish came with the frames and the letter "A" used to be a seashell. Originally, I pulled them all out, added the wooden "A" monogram, reused the sand dollar, and added a cute little plaster mold of Ashlee's baby hand in the last one. I covered the back insert of the frames with leftover fabric that I had used to make her some bedding. But as she got older, they were in need of an update for her "big girl" room. I hunted down the star fish again, painted it white and replaced all the fabric with more cool paper from Michael's. This is the same girl who insisted I paint the zebra rug, so you can clearly see where her inspiration came from.

**Disclaimer** No, I don't have a zebra theme going on in my house, I promise.

I'm such a procrastinator that these 3 are still sitting in a stack on one of her bookshelves and I only put the bird prints up on her wall about a month ago. When I finally get around to painting her walls, fixing the crumbling plaster ceiling, pulling off the chair rail, and refinishing her floor, THEN I will put up these last finishing touches. Sigh!