Sunday, October 19, 2008

Still Backtracking . . .

So here it is October and I'm just now getting around to my fourth of July post! I'm sorry if I'm boring you a bit, but I'm getting caught up more for the sake journaling than for blogging, so feel free to skip over this if you're entertained more by current events.
One of Jere's coworkers owns Kehoe Farm and we spent the afternoon there eating lots of yummy food, playing games and enjoying the sunshine.

The kids loved trying to outdo each other in tug o' war. Ashlee is on her way down!

Nick was determined to get the bean bag in the hole 50 times.

Ashlee thought it was hilarious every time she "pulled" me off my base.

The day just wouldn't have been complete without a ride on one of the adorable ponies. Can you guess where Ashlee spent most of the afternoon?

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Like Mother, Like Daughter

The other night, Ashlee came running out of her room saying, "Mom! There's a great big spider in my room!" My first thought was to say, "Oh, I bet he's friendly," and quietly sneak away, but being that Jere (my official spider killer) was not home at the time, I had to act like a brave mommy and go assess the situation at hand.

So I went to her room and asked her where she saw this alleged spider. She pointed down at her baseboard along the floor and said that it was hiding underneath. Great. A great big spider that is hiding where I can't see it. Introducing my number one fear in life: great big spiders that are hiding where I can't see them. Dang those stupid spiders! Nevertheless, I still had my brave face on. I waited a little while and when the spider didn't resurface, I told Ashlee that it probably ran away and won't be coming back. She replied, "But it will come out again, Mom! It's hiding from us! We've got to get some bug spray!"

Just then, I saw movement, and sure enough, the spider had resurfaced. Now this is not one of my proud moments as a mother, I assure you. I screamed at the top of my lungs. So Ashlee screamed at the top of her lungs and bolted from the room. All the screaming made the spider go back under the baseboard again. But now I was all creeped out because I had seen it's horrible and most terrifying legs and I was afraid to even move. Plus, I had bare feet and didn't want to risk squishing the awful beast should I have to take flight. So I kept my eyes fixated on the spot that it disappeared and called out to Ashlee that I needed her to come here and watch for the spider while I got something to spray it with. Instead of answering me, I saw her arm throw 2 squares of toilet paper into the room. Yeah. Two squares. OK, I wouldn't even squish a spider with an entire roll of toilet paper, let alone two squares. Great. I thought that if I could just spray it with some cleaner, it would probably shrivel up and die eventually but I didn't dare take my eyes off it's hiding spot because that would give it a chance to run somewhere else where I would stumble across it unknowingly . . . like inside the sleeve of my bath robe or something. So while all this is going through my head, the dumb thing comes out again. I grab Ashlee's little wooden chair and try to drop it right on the spider . . . and completely miss. This causes the spider to dart in fast, scary movements which causes me to scream again, which causes Ashlee (who was hiding in the bathroom) to scream again, which makes me scream again, which then causes Nick (who was watching TV) to start screaming. Complete mayhem for a minute. Now the spider is scared out of its wits and has gone back into hiding. I ran to the kitchen, grabbed my trusty spray cleaner, and sprayed the area in hopes of fumigating it to its death. I watched and waited for a few minutes and when nothing emerged, I decided put it all behind me and go back to watching TV.

Two days later, Jere emerged victorious with the great big spider . . . which was squished with two whole squares of toilet paper.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Running a Marathon Can Bite!

This is my brother Ben who ran the St. George Marathon last Saturday. I guess no one told him about the bodily hazards that come along with long distance running! Ouch!

No, just kidding! He did run the marathon but this was actually his Halloween costume last year. Once you get over the initial shock of it, it's pretty hilarious! Thought you could all use a good laugh!